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An energy team that creates IT systems for banks.



eSourcing specializes in the production and outsourcing of proprietary IT systems supporting the banking sector and the market of POS payment terminals.

eSourcing is above all people. A team with unique competences and always above-average commitment to the client's approach. In a competitive market for large corporations, their flexibility is a huge advantage. When designing the visual identification (this part was implemented by our sister company PLEO design) and the website, we wanted to emphasize the energy of the eSourcing team to carry out tasks. Together with the client, we developed the slogan "meet our energy" and prepared a number of visual clues that represent this energy.

services tailored to the customer

The services offered by eSourcing have been divided into three main categories: Finance, Outsourcing and Terminal Applications. Within these departments we have placed the entire eSourcing offer, which the site administrator can freely edit to create subsequent offer modules.

During the design process, we have divided users into two main types: those who know exactly what services they need and those who want to improve the operation of their institution, but do not know how. For the latter, we have prepared a special module "find a service" which, based on selected answers from the form, suggests specific eSourcing services.

We have also implemented a search engine on the website.

design and technology

Energy is the main graphic inspiration for the entire project. The navy blue colour associated with the technology and finance area we have complemented by a strong orange, which was supposed to be associated with this energy.

The website design has been implemented by us, taking into account all Responsive Web Design (RWD) rules and tested on all browsers as well as screen resolutions.

modules and pictographs

An intuitive content management system (Craft CMS) is available to the client, thanks to which the website administrator can edit any elements on the website. The services have been prepared so that at any time you can add additional modules to them: description, photos, pictographs, bullets, etc.

We have prepared a set of pictographs to visualize individual services offered by eSourcing.


eSourcing actively participates in events related to the area of finance, often as a partner or exhibitor. Therefore, the news module has been implemented on the website, where the administrator can add further content from events using modules such as: gallery, photo, bullets, etc.


The website uses a pattern designed on the basis of the eSourcing logo. The pattern represents the visual harmony that is interrupted by the energetic operation of our client. We achieve this effect thanks to the delicate use of the orange colour and surrounding the text with the pattern.